The Value of Handwork in a Childs Education

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By Amanda Bradley “From Play, through Beauty, to Work. This is the golden path for education.”~ Rudolf Steiner. In this forth industrial age many people will probably question...

Waldorf Festivals

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By Amanda Bradley Festivals are of course, not exclusive to Steiner/Waldorf education. They are an intrinsic part of any human experience and a way for us to connect...

What underpins the Waldorf Aesthetic?

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By Amanda Bradley With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest many people have been inspired by the beauty that accompanies the Waldorf (or Steiner)...


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We thought it was about time we began sending out a regular Newsletter ~ here we go xx Follow this link to read      

A journey to a TV free home!

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If you are struggling with tv time within your own home Amanda from 'The Mystic Waldorf Home' has shared a beautifully honest example of her and Phonenix's journey to exclude the...

Kindy Bread Recipe

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Bread making is such a fun and wonderful activity for little hands. I came across this super and simple easy bread recipe years ago and I always use...

Star Lantern

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I am a total novice when it comes to paper folding hence the less than perfect points and rough creases but this is a beautiful lantern to make...

Crayon Roll Tutorial

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Last week we visited a Steiner School a few hours drive away from our home and one of the small things I noticed was that every child had their...

Super healthy Black Bean Brownie!

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This is a super easy, super delicious, super healthy chocolate brownie and you really must try it! .Rinse a can of black beans. Soak half a cup of...

Oat & Thyme crackers

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. This is a super simple recipe to make while the kids are running around your feet! Flick the oven on to 180 degrees celsius, combine all ingredients in...