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The starting point for this journey began so simply. A brief discussion between Zoe and I (Chelsea) begun in our little doll making business Poems for Buttercup. Our youngest daughters were both less than four months old but the freedom of babies that slept (slightly) and a more established routine allowed us to believe that we were ready to create a little outlet that would keep our hands busy and our minds alert. Having seven young daughters between us made having our own project so much more important. Allowing us to hold on to a little of our former selves. As mothers all around the world will agree, children are it. They are the reason we get out of bed at ungodly hours each morning. The reason we go to bed so late, the reason for... living. Our children are also the reason for our doll making yet they also are the reason we need the space to grow, as mothers but also as people. A moment stolen here and there can create magic and we hope that here at Tanglewood Toys you will feel our love and passion for this little store we call our own.

Chelsea x

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