It's all in the name..

Tanglewood Toys. 

Let me tell you a little story about Tanglewood Tales. Yes of course it may  be a familiar title on your bookshelves growing up (A collection of children’s stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1853) but in our family it has another story.

When we were young our Mother had a little bookstore in our small town (Gisborne, New Zealand) it was filled with many of the beautiful Waldorf and seasonal inspired titles you will find here...but to me this isn't the connection. Where I feel the connection is in the little red van she drove. It was the 80's so it was a square boxy thing which Mum had taken a permanent marker to. One whole side of the van was covered in a drawing of branches, roses, flowers, leafs and in the centre was the word Tanglewood Tales. I cannot remember if I loved or loathed this van. Every winter's morning it would have to be started halfway down the hill (jump stared, is that even a thing anymore?) and it would chug along happily until it decided to stop in the middle of nowhere. So Tanglewood Toys has come from a childhood vastly and sadly different to our children's. We will hold on to the magic with a few small things, one of them being Tanglewood. 

Chelsea x

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